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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Impression of a movie as "Big Fish"

I watched a movie called 'Big Fish' in this evening. I would like to write impression of the movie. 

There is a man in the movie. When the man was a child, his father always went to somewhere with work. His father told him a story called 'Big Fish' which what happened to him, how he met his wife, discovered a hidden town and caught an enormous uncatchable fish etc. He liked the story, when he was a child. He thought that it isn't truth story after he was adult. Also, he always asked his father what was real story. But his father told him the same story. 
Now his father has become old man and he is dying. He want to know what was real story of the story his father told. He saw something of his father and he went to a town which it was in the story his father told. He met a woman who lives in the town. She told him that his father came here twice and he saved this town when he came here last time.
Then he believed the story that his father told. He realized it was truth story. It was expressed in the last scene of the movie. When his father died, he told his father a story that how his all friends have been burying.